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With nearly two decades of experience working with medical professionals, as well as employing numerous caregivers of special needs and loved ones with disabilities, Kevin Davenport, owner of Clean N Simple, LLC, observed the growing need for friendly and reliable non-emergency medical transportation in Indiana. In late 2022, Kevin developed a committee of concerned volunteers and research began. This committee has paid careful attention to addressing the needs of our seniors, our friends with special needs, and both ambulatory and wheelchair-using citizens.


Ride Simple has completed the necessary steps to secure Medicaid approval (this process can be further addressed by clicking here). We also accept private payment. Ride Simple proudly serves all of Henry County, Indiana, as well as surrounding areas. With special arrangements, transport to out-of-state medical facilities can be scheduled.

Nurse and Patient

Ride Simple is a partner of Clean N Simple, LLC., your trusted provider of commercial cleaning services for more than 15 years. With many years of commercial cleaning experience, as well as experience with professional detailing services, this partnership is an ideal way to carefully maintain the cleanliness of our vehicles. 

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